Recent Find Thomas Griswold 1862 Replica?


Mar 9, 2021
Hi, geo - welcome to the forums! Reproduction swords took a turn for the better with the advent of reenacting and the need for swords/sabers that would both stand up to actual use and look and feel at least moderately authentic. Personally I always preferred to carry an original, even if I had to buy a repro scabbard for it. Once at Gettysburg I had just arrived to serve as captain of the smallest company and was called on by our regimental commander to participate in a sort of rehearsal for the evening muster, even though I was still in civvies, a T-shirt and shorts! All my gear was still packed, so I grabbed my Hardee hat and borrowed another officer's reproduction officer's sword for the exercise - that thing was like carrying a lead weight compared to my original! Although it has a restored rewrapped grip and now a reproduction scabbard and sword knot I feel as though it's MY "original" and a veteran like me of many memorable reenactments and other events. For now your reproduction will serve to tide you over until you decide exactly what avenue in collecting you wish to pursue - and the price you paid really wasn't too bad for a serviceable reproduction or fantasy piece.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Good words mate. Thank You.