{⋆★⋆} BG Thomas, Bryan M.

Bryan Morel Thomas

Born: May 8, 1836
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Birth Place: Milledgeville, Georgia

Father: Abel Thomas 1805 - 1873
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia)​

Mother: Sarah
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia)​

Wife: Mary Jones Withers 1844 – 1916 (Married: November 14, 1864)
(Buried: West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia)​

Father – in – law: Major General Jones Marshall Withers 1814 – 1890
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama)​


John Sherrod Thomas 1869 – 1945​
(Buried: West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia)​
Sylla Thomas Hamilton 1875 – 1946​
(Buried: West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia)​
Harriet Huger Thomas Unknown – 1951​
(Buried: West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia)​


1858: Graduated from West Point Military Academy (22nd in class)​

Occupation before War:
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1858 – 1859: Brevet 2nd Lt. United States Army, Infantry​
1858 – 1859: Garrison Duty at Columbus​
1859 – 1860: Served in Utah Expedition​
1859 – 1861: 2nd Lt. United States Army, 5th Infantry Regiment​
1860: Served in the Navajo Expedition​
1861: Resigned from United States Army on April 6th

Civil War Career:

1861: 1st Lt. In the Confederate Army, Infantry
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1861: Major in the Confederate Army Infantry​
1861: Major of 18th Alabama Infantry​
1861: Ordnance Commander of Department of Alabama & West Florida​
1862: Commander of Artillery for the Army of Mississippi​
1862: Participated in the Battle of Stones River​
1863: Assistant Inspector General of Withers Division​
1863 – 1865: Colonel of 12th Mississippi Cavalry​
1864: Held the temporary Rank of Brigadier General (never approved)​
1865: Participated in the Mobile, Alabama Campaign​
1865: Captured during the Mobile, Alabama Campaign​
1865: Released from Fort Gaines, Alabama​
1865: Paroled by the Union Army​

Occupation after War:

1868 – 1881: Farmer in Dooley County, Georgia​
1881 – 1905: Farmer and Teacher in Whitfield County, Georgia
United States Deputy United States Marshal in North Georgia​
Founder of a Private Academy in Dalton, Georgia​
1891 – 1900: Superintendent of Dalton, Georgia Schools​

Died: July 16, 1905

Place of Death: Dalton, Georgia

Cause of Death: Not Known

Age at time of Death: 69 years old

Burial Place: West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia
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Luke Freet

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Nov 8, 2018
Did not know Bryan Thomas was another West Point Graduate. Surprised he mostly stuck around Mobile for most of the war.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
A different biography of him makes no mention of his temporary generalship, just that he was appointed as brigadier on August 4, 1864.

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