Them Sneaky Rebels got us again!

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Will Carry

First Sergeant
Jun 1, 2015
The Tar Heel State.
From "A History of Lumsden's Battery CSA page 25 and 26.

These two companies were led during the night
by a guide to the Tennessee river at a point a few
miles above Chattanooga, with all hands warned not to
speak above a whisper and to prevent all noise of
movement possible and placed in position, along an
open field, on top of bank of river, between midnight
and day, with the information that a Federal command
was just across the river in camp and only picketing
confederate soldiers along our bank. So we lay, wait
ing for daylight, some sleeping, some chatting in whis
pers, in as comfortable position as the ground afforded.

Just before daylight orders were passed around
to get "into battery", with connoneers at posts and to
load with shells, with fuses cut to 200 yards (point
blank range) and when ordered to fire, to continue to
load and fire till ordered to cease firing and move

Major Robertson sat his horse at a point where he
had previously been in daylight, from which he knew
he could get the first glimpse of the Yankee camp op
posite, when it should be light enough. The other offi
cers all on their horses in their proper positions in each
battery, all drivers mounted and cannoneers at post,
with guns loaded and primers stuck in the gun vents,
lanjords in the hands of No. 4 cannoneer. From across
the river the Yankee bugle rank out with the "reveille",
call and instantly Major Robertson s voice "Battalion!
Ready! Fire!" Eight guns thundered almost as one
and continued to fire each about four shots to the min
ute for possibly six or eight minutes, when a Federal
battery replied. Then came Robertson s command,
"Limber to the rear! To the right, march! Gallop!
."And away we went down the river under the cover
of the sheltering woods. A piece of shell took off the
arm of one of Lumsderi s men, near the shoulder, as
we moved away. His name was Ray, a private from
somewhere in Georgia. He was attended and brought
to camp in the ambulance and sent back to hospital,
whether he recovered or not, we are not sure.
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