The widow weible or wible house field hospital


Jul 17, 2017
Hello all,

Does anyone have any info, letters etc regarding the Widow Weibel house and field hospital during the battle of Gettysburg ? Thanks in advance !

Tom Elmore

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Jan 16, 2015
Elizabeth Weible [variant Wible], 55-year-old widow at the time of the battle. Her house still stands. The barn and surrounding grounds were one of several field hospitals established for the wounded of Major General Edward Johnson's Confederate division. Two known burials on the property:

-Lt. Valentine W. Southall, Company B, 23rd Virginia, buried on the farm of Mrs. Wible, in a fence corner near the house. For more information on Lt. Southall, see:

-Louis Thibeaux, Green's Louisiana Battery, was buried "back of barn."