the (unofficial) farrier's arm badge

Mar 18, 2016
Flippin, Arkansas (near Yellville)
Hello everybody, I ran across a good photo on page 13 of Osprey's Union Cavalryman 1861-1865 book, it shows a Union cavalry farrier (horseshoeing specialist) and on his sleeve is a badge I had only seen once or twice before in photos, it's for farriers and it's an unofficial badge but worn nonetheless, and it is shaped like a saddler's knife. My question is what color was it? Yellow like the normal cavalry branch color? Or something else? (And as an aside, did the saddlers themselves have an unofficial badge of their own?) Many many thanks to anybody who can help me with this. And Merry almost Christmas!

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major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
The best authority on this kind of thing is William K. Emerson. either U.S. Soldiers and Their Chevrons and Chevrons Illustrated History of U.S. Army Insignia. I am sorry but I do not own either book. I also do not believe I have Emerson's email address.

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