Uniforms The Union use of quilts.

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Aug 25, 2012
Most forum members know that many Confederates soldiers use quilts sent from home. Did Union soldiers also get quilts from home? At least some Union soldiers probably did. In 1862 southern communities raised money for manufacturing gunboats by making quilts and selling them or raising money through raffles. Later the communities decided that the quilts would be better used by sending them to Confederate soldiers in the field. Less in heard about the severe shortage of blankets to issue to Union volunteers early in the War. Women groups were often asked to make blankets or quits to help with the Union shortage of blankets. The U.S. Sanitary Commission alone made 125,000 quilts for Union Soldiers.

By 1864 the Confederate Quartermaster was relying on imported British blankets so many Confederate soldiers used what every they could for blankets including quilts and coverlets. Although hundreds of thousand of British blankets were run through the blockade, there were never enough blankets.

So a couple of questions: How common was it for Union soldiers early and later in the War to carry quilts instead of blankets? Do Union reenactors portraying early Civil War battles carry quilts instead of blankets?