The Tupelo National Battlefield

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Jul 29, 2013
  • The Tupelo National Battlefield commemorates the Battle of Tupelo (Harrisburg), Mississippi which occurred on July 14-15, 1864. This American Civil War battle was fought between the army of Federal General Andrew J. Smith and Confederate Generals Stephen Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Smith was tasked with hunting down and destroying Forrest and his cavalry, as they posed a legitimate risk to Federal Major General William T. Sherman’s supply line that fueled his campaign against Atlanta. The Federals repulsed an attack by Lee and Forrest, and though victorious, eventually withdrew back to Memphis. While Forrest’s cavalry was severely crippled, he was left free to raid Federal targets for the remainder of the war. Today, nothing remains of the battlefield except for a one acre memorial located in downtown Tupelo on the corner of West Main Street and Monument Drive. A National Park Service sign, cannon, monuments and graves stand on this Hallowed Ground. The rest of the battlefield was lost long ago to the development of the city of Tupelo. The Tupelo National Battlefield is the smallest NPS American Civil War battlefield in the system.
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Great Photos. I have always loved Tupelo as there were great winter camps there. We are hoping to squeeze it in the Friday morning side trip of the Shiloh muster before Brice's Cross roads since they are only about 20 miles apart.

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