The sad and the ludicrous are sometimes strangely mixed.


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Jul 23, 2017
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This incident is related by Chaplain Merrill: "The sad and the ludicrous are sometimes strangely mixed. During the three days' fight at Gettysburg Co. L, Capt. Taylor commanding, was on detached duty at Gen. Newton's headquarters. It is not strange that at the close of the third day's fighting the men were greatly exhausted.

When the enemy fell back after their last terrible charge, Private Carlton P. Emery, who had done his duty well, threw himself upon the ground, and in a moment was in a sound sleep. A little later a party came along to bury the dead.

Seeing this man stretched upon the ground, and supposing him to be dead, they took his measure and dug his grave; but when they attempted to place him in it, he awoke and objected to the whole proceeding so strenuously that they desisted, and allowed him to have his own way, much to the amusement of his comrades, who had been all the time looking on, ' laughing in their sleeves.' "

History of the First Maine Cavalry