Golden Thread The Plantation Mistress: The Misrepresentation and Myth of the "Southern Belle"


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Mar 17, 2017
The Southern Bella was replaced by the Steel Magnolia following the war.They became the support and encouragement of the male population,They became noted for their mental toughness in face of overcoming the situations which resulted form the war and reconstruction.They passed this down to their daughters and taught their sons to seek out these women to marry.The question that one would like to ask ,are the mothers of South instilling these traits into their daughters The SM is strong yet one of the most gentle and beautiful flowers that grows on a tree whose roots grown deep.

Great comment. Can you explain what the "Steel Magnolia" archetype would be?

Meaning their beliefs -- in addition to their toughness and supportive nature to their families? Specifically, women from and are descendants of those families - big and small - from Antebellum/slavery in the U.S.

BTW - I have never seen the movie. But, I plan on watching it now :smile: