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The Perils of Perryville
  • @Cody C. Engdahl is the author Cody C. Engdahl and is proud to launch his book:
    • The Perils of Perryville (2nd Michigan Cavalry Chronicles)
    • Published 2/3/2020
    • Belatedly Launched on CWT on 2/12/2020
    • Buy it on Amazon
A rip-roaring adventure set in the American Civil War where friendship, love, and family are tested by the madness of war. An accusation of treason sends friends and enemies spiraling into chaos as the Yankee invasion pushes deeper into the South, countered by a Rebel push into the border State of Kentucky. The Perils of Perryville follows the stories of heroes and villains on both sides through the very real battles of Shiloh, New Orleans, First Corinth, Memphis, Munfordville, and ultimately Perryville, where the fate of Kentucky will be decided. This is the second book in the "2nd Michigan Chronicles" series. You don't necessarily have to read the first book to enjoy this one.

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Aug 1, 2018
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After months of research, writing, and editing; I’m proud to say that my second novel, The Perils of Perryville, is available on Amazon right now, all over the world.


Colt Revolving Carbine Rifle used by the 2nd Michigan Cavalry​

The Perils of Perryville picks up right where Rampage on the River left off at the fall of Island No. 10. It’ll explain a lot of what was happening with the Confederates Kyle, Kathryn, Liza, and Lathan after we left them in the previous book. I should say at this point that you don’t necessarily have to have read the first book to enjoy this one. I wrote it with the idea that it might be the first of my books you read, or that you may not remember everything that happened in Rampage.


The 2nd Michigan Cavalry Regimental Flag​

The Perils of Perryville will take you through the very real history of the Battle of Shiloh, the Fall of New Orleans, the Siege of Corinth, the First Battle of Memphis otherwise known as the “Battle of the Rams,” the Battle of Munfordville, and ultimately the Battle of Perryville. It’s full of real historic people as well like Albert Sidney Johnston, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Braxton Bragg, “Fighting” Phil Sheridan, Ulysses S. Grant, Don Carlos Buel, and many more.


William Minor Porter of C Company, 2nd Michigan Cavalry​

The book will also bring back many of the characters from the first novel with some surprising and exciting reveals about them. I’m very excited about this book. I think it’s my best yet. It’s the second in a planned trilogy, which is actually part of a pentalogy…and there are still other novels I’m considering with these characters going further into the future. So if you like my writing, stick with me. I’ve got a lot planned! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Perils of Perryville! Click on the preview below if you’d like to check it out. It’s now available anywhere you live in this world.

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