The other General Lee, Brigadier General Edwin Gray Lee.

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Aug 25, 2012
Edwin Gray Lee was the first cousin once removed of Robert E. Lee. Despite having no real military training except in the Virginia Militia, Thomas J. Jackson early in the War made him his aide. Edwin Gray Lee became commander of the 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment. Edwin Lee's health probably kept him from higher rank. It was suggested that a cooler dryer environment would be good for his health and he was sent in December of 1864 ran the Union blockade on secret service mission to Canada where he remained until after the end of the War. At the time he was said to be the highest ranking Confederate officer in Canada. Although Edwin denied it, some suspect him with involvement in Lincoln's assassination.

His health, never good, declined after the end of the Civil War and Edwin died on August 25, 1870 at the young age of 34. Edwin Gray Lee could have probably made a much larger military contribution to the Confedercy if he had not suffered from such poor health.

1) Should we consider him a good staff military officer, combat commander or spy?
2) Is there any real proof that he even knew of Lincoln assassination plot?
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