" The Nation Will Have To Mourn... Lincoln ", A Prophetic Lament March 22, 1865

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Saying goodbye. Stripped of joyous, garishly displayed decorations of the Grand Illumination celebration dedicated to war's end a few days before these homes and business in our nation's capitol wore mourning and mourners April 19th, 1865. He'd been gone from us four days. Someone told us this was coming.

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Late winter rain impeded nothing during the inaugural celebrations and ceremonies, March 4th 1865. A city flocked towards the hope for war's end and a new era ushered in by Lincoln's second term.

March 22, 1865. The drizzly, gray inaugural was History. A brutal, tragic war was in its 47th month - it's last if anyone but knew. The proud flesh of wounds inflicted on our nation would not be swift to fade. Washington, D.C. was back to work, business as usual. A 52 year old man in 1861, our President had aged 20 more, war and the exigencies of office deeply etching the face that would be his death mask.

The Evening Star, destined to become one of Washington's longest running newspapers re-printed a lament written for a New York paper- a prophesy and an eerie one. In the same newspaper, Ford's New Theater announced their current play.

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Actor Joseph Proctor was ending a run as Ethelwood in the play " Ambition ", otherwise named " The Throne, The Tomb, and the Scaffold ".

And our President had people worried.
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Business as usual. While men died on distant battlefields and in hospitals a few blocks away.

Then this.
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... the nation will have to mourn another dead President"

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No, not a direct foretelling of Booth's murderous plot unfolding around Mary Surratt's dinner table but eerie anyway. March 22nd, 154 years ago today.
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