The last widow of a civil war soldier.

Yankee Brooke

First Sergeant
Jun 8, 2018
Albert Henry Woolson died in August of 1956. He was the last surviving UNDISPUTED civil war veteran. So it's been roughly 65 years since the last veteran died, but what about the last widow? It was probably a few years later at most right? Cause they're all old and all during the 50's. Well no, it was a LOT of years later. Like 64.

That's right, the last civil war widow died only months ago, in December 2020! Her name was Helen Viola Jackson. How is that possible? Well she gets the status by technicality. Helen married James Bolin, at 17, in 1936, well after he was done soldiering in the Union's 14th Missouri Cavalry. The marriage was in exchange for his Union pension, and because James needed a caretaker in his advanced age, but refused to accept charity from his neighbors. Helen's father volunteered her, to care for him, but Mr. Bolin devised a scheme of marriage with promise of inheriting the pension, as payment for her care, more or less.

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Who'd of thought right?