The History of Slave-Hunting Dogs in America


Sergeant Major
Aug 20, 2018
In looking at this thread, it reminded me of a Civil War Times entry I still have lying around. It's the June 2018 Edition. I don't know how well you can see it, but it's a sculpture entitled "The Biter Bit" and apparently commemorates a skirmish in South Carolina in 1864 where Confederates set bloodhounds loose on advancing USCTs, only to have the hounds face the steely ends of the troops' bayonets. The Biter got bit, indeed.

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It seems the only difference between letting the hounds on these USCT and the countless times hounds were let on slaves is that this time the African Americans were armed and could defend themselves with steel against their hopeful oppressors.

It’s fitting this happened in ‘64. One can imagine the good ol’ Southern boys saying “not even the dogs got ‘em, time to pack it up.”