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May 29, 2021
In may of 1864 General Franz Siegel was raiding the town of Newmarket south west of the New Market Gap. Jackson at this point was dead, and the First Brigade had events to deal with in Petersburg far south east of New Market. John C. Breckinridge heared of Siegel in the town and moved into the Shenandoah Valley. His number of forces was at a all time low. They needed some form of support. Virginia Military Institute Cadets were called outside in the pouring rain, and were told they were needed in reserve with Breckinridge. After a grueling week of long marching, the cadets made it to New Market where Union Artillery had already been set up. Breckinridge sent his first battalion in. The captain of this battalion told his men to “Run like hell” so they were not blown apart. After this line had a gap blown in its middle Breckinridge had no choice but to put the Cadets in. “Put the boys in, and may god forgive me for the order.”. The cadets while holding formation, marched down a nearby valley moving towards the David Bosohng Farm. While being pounded by artillery, the cadets held formation. They then regrouped with the other battalion and charged into the David Boshong farm. After taking immense Casulties, they had no choice but to charge. They took federal artillery positions and one the day In the pouring rain.
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