Podcast The Early American Brass Band Podcast


May 17, 2019
Fairfax, VA
Hi all -

Something a little different, but relevant:

On my podcast, we discuss brass band music from the nineteenth century and focus mainly on Civil War era brass bands. We frequently discuss current reenacting bands as well as histories of period bands. Check us out at www.eabbpodcast.com, www.youtube.com/c/eabbpodcast, and on all major podcast streaming platforms. I suggest starting with Episode 1 and then jumping around to guests or topics you find interesting. Some highlights include Episode 22 with Jari Villanueva discussing the 26th NC Regiment Band, Episode 27 featuring Kyle Dalton from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and Episode 31 featuring Bill Gay discussing calvary brass bands and his many reenactment bands. Thank you!


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