The Construction of the Lawton & Live Oak Railroad


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Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
It seems amazing to me that the Florida Governor would not institute a seizure on the railroad iron within his State. There were Alabama and Georgia troops camped all along the Pensacola Railroad at 15 mile Station, and Perdida, and Pollard in the summer of 1864. By this time, 6 months after Olustee the Union was busily engaged in raiding at every access point into the State, and destroying much of the existing rail system that had been uncompleted and abandoned by work details. Yet there were confederate troops guarding the rails and encamped there along the stretches. General Asboth I believe was begging Union headquarters to give him more troops so he could match the events taking place elsewhere with the cavalry the Sherman, or Thomas, or Canby, or Foster all along the eastern seaboard and up the Mississippi that were raiding the interior. Meanwhile in this period naval vessels cooperated with army details and made excursions into Fort Myers, Tampa Bay, and further north toward St. Marks, and Gainesville. And yet the whole period even when the confederacy had to race troops from Pensacola and Charleston into northern Florida for the Feb. 20, 1864 action starting at Jacksonville, they sat on their hands and let the money/political assets of the State stagnate. This to me is beyond reckoning.