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kitty o'cairre

Aug 25, 2017
out amongst the tumbleweeds north texas =)
well Good Sunday Mornin Yall ☘ :smile coffee: :sneaky:
as there are so many wonderful & informative forums & tip my felt to their hosts.
i can only hope to learn from yall about some great subjects here.
Altho im not sure if this be a 'respective' piece of history.I found it quite full on Civil War History. but pertaining in part to the Union side of things..
After researching an coming across various subjects,, an you tube videos .books.
I learned not only was Nashville Tn was famous for their music but among being the Northern 'Hot Spot' for the 'Soiled Doves'
and 1845 & A Notorious Northern General Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Hooker. hence the term for the 'Ladies' aka Hookers'
Some of the famous 'brothels' that were at the time in nashville The bordellos were 'named' Ft Sumter. the Iron Clad Headquarters USA Madame Russells Bake Oven Madame Waltons Residence for the Ladies.'
August 20 1863 The Great Experiment 'Pay as you Go' was made law' George Spaulding Lt Col & Provost Marshall
made 'Prostitution ' legal. way before Las Vegas ever did as where The 'Ladies' came in were checked for five dollars & given a certificate of good health every two weeks as they were checked for their health status. So Nashville Tn is where it 'All Started'. But hadn't heard of the origin of the activities until i came across the book * documentary of it all. Nashville was a very Busy place in that time ,,
But The History as it was recorded for the Northern boys i didn't not come across anything as of yet for the South. But Im certain there Is something out there .
This just a very Small part of this Interesting History.
Enjoy yalls day !


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