The Blues in Grey


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
The Blues in Grey
The Civil War Journal of William D. Dixon and the Republican Blues Daybook
Edited by Roger S. Durham
March 1862

Fort Jackson near Savannah
Monday 24th- It has been very cold all day. The company held a meeting tonight and elected the following officers Second Lieutenant Nichols re-elected. Sergeant Schneider, Sergeant Elkins, Sergeant Theus, Sergeant Willis, Sergeant Cornell, Corporal Barber, Corporal Meldrim Corporal McGrath, Corporal Flood. I am the officer of the day
Tuesday 25th- It has been quite warm all day. Great changes in the weather. I have felt unwell all day. A few ladies visited the post today.
Wednesday 26th- I am troubled still with a bad cold and sore throat. Steamer Firefly is running between this post and the city twice a day. An iron Ram is being built for the defense of this River. There are 600 hands to work on it.
Thursday 27th- My sore throat has left me and my cold is much better. We had an oyster supper last night which went very well. It was quite a surprise. A large party of ladies visited here this morning but did not stay long.
Friday 28- It is very warm, queer weather this. I have gotten rid of my cold. A boat left here last night for Fort Pulaski.
Sunday 30th- It has been very warm. It was as much as I could do to keep my coat on. The sand flies were very bad. Tonight there is a great change, it is very cool. The 13th Georgia Pickett captured two Yankees this morning and shot one of our men who had been a prisoner of theirs and broke his arm. the boat that went to Pulaski returned to the city last night being successful in making her trip. I took Lieutenant Anderson's place as the officer of the day, as he wanted to go to the city. It has been very lonesome all day and I have felt very dull. The captain had a meeting this morning.


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