The Blues in Grey


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
The Blues in Grey
edited by Roger Durham
Monday, March 10th. We have had very good news today from Virginia. The Ironclad steamer Virginia surprised and sunk for Steamers and a tugboat. full particulars have not come to hand. some of our Scouts brought in a small boat taken from the Yankees. They were pursued but escaped. It is very warm. I am the officer of the day. The list of drafted men are published, 78 in all.

Tuesday, March 11th. I was up most of the night last night. I had non commissioned officer on duty that I could not trust as I caught them asleep at 12 and Sentinels were kept on post 1/2 hour over there time. I did not arrest them, what scared them pretty badly. It has been pouring rain all day, accompanied with thunder and lightning. It still continues.
March 12th. The Yankees came up on our picket Post in advance of us in small boats last night and they had a warm time of it for a while. volley after volley was fired on both sides. Nobody hurt with us. I don't know how the Yankees came off. Skidaway and Green Island have been abandoned. It rained all day. I heard today that another vessel had gotten in safely with a cargo of arms.
Thursday, March 13th. The steamer Savannah went down today book about. shot after shot was fired at her without doing any damage. She fired but three times in return. A Yankees steamer came up very near us this afternoon but did not stay long.
Friday, March 14th. Full particulars have been received about the Virginia affair. It was a complete success. 150 shots were fired at the Savannah yesterday and only three of them came near her. It has been very warm.
Saturday, March 15th. It has been blowing a gale all day. I got paid off today. With a hundred dollars in my pocket.
Sunday, March 16th. I took a long walk this morning to see a Yankee encampment at a distance of 2 miles. A boat stopped here on the way to Pulaski this morning. I wrote to Ned Drummond about it.

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