The Black Sheep in the Family

Jun 7, 2021
@Reconstructed Rebel
You can not dangle this without starting a dedicated thread.

That is cruel and unusual for the curious minded, perhaps even downright sadistic in this particular environment.

If your son wrote it up, how about just using his text verbatim?
I've asked for a copy of his report, but he said it was a Zoom presentation and he used notes from articles he found on the web. Here's a couple of the links. Lots more info is available if you Google it. There are also a whole bunch of You Tube videos available on the topic. We are descendents of Captain Thomas Graves. He was an officer of the company, as I understand it, and I'm guessing that edge was something that helped him survive this terrible, awful time. The settlers were low on supplies and they were feuding with the local natives who would attack them if they showed themselves outside the fort. It is a wonder to me how much all our ancestors endured and just kept going. My mother's mantra was "Don't think about the past, think about the future. "


Aug 21, 2020
bluegrass state is
My 3x great uncle was a captain in the home guard and was dubbed the guerrilla hunter. His name was Edwin Terrell. He was actually the man who killed Bill quantrill in Wakefield ky. He was also the man who killed a cattle buyer and worse. He rode into I believe Mt eden ky with around 6 pistols and proceeded to have a shootout with half the town