The Birth of "Southern Hospitality"

Belle Montgomery

Sergeant Major
Oct 25, 2017
I think it has a lot to do how you were raised and the loosening of etiquette standards everywhere throughout the years. Rude is rude anywhere. If you weren't raised a certain way you don't know any better and raise your kids the same way. Remember "charm" school? People residing in upper class "polite" society taught their children rules and proper deportment no matter where they lived. Hats off, open doors for ladies etc. is how I was brought up. Bring food to the family after a death, have people over after a wedding for a luncheon before the evening reception and so on. "May I please speak to so and so " on the phone now is a text with acronyms. With each generation it's getting lost through technology, crude entertainment, and the now primitive communication on social media. Swearing in mixed company, especially around ladies used to be taboo but it's OK now to be bleeped out while performing at the Super Bowl half time show down in Atlanta and no one bats an eyelash let alone fined.:thumbsdown: Funny...Patricia's son and his friends swear like truck drivers!
Like Mammy from Gone with the Wind said "all rigged up like race horses but were just mules in horse harness and didn't fool anybody.

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