The biggest fear


Sergeant Major
Nov 12, 2016
Given the natural strengths of the northern states it is highly unlikely northerners feared southern secession or even thought the seceding states would in time return to the union.
So can we assume the biggest fear for northerners might be that the confederacy when it had no more use for slavery would push the slaves into the northern states.
Neither side wanted free blacks in their midst and both sides recognized that slavery was on borrowed time.
Is not the status/role of the free black at the heart of the conflict as the colonization movement had failed meaning black people weren't going anywhere unless forced to.
What are your thoughts on this.
What would the response have been if the confederates had responded to the EP by driving large numbers of people of color into the free states of the north.
I think support for slavery was as much about politics/power as economics given the free white/enslaved imbalance in some counties across the south. For even the south had borne witness to the expansion of voting rights in the years before 1860.