The Battle of Franklin, November 30, 1864

Mar 15, 2019
Did you have an ancestor at Franklin? Or maybe you are just interested in the history of the battle. Whatever the case, here are some postwar accounts written by veterans who were there.

Here is a sample. Click on the above link for more.


MARCH 16, 2019

112th Illinois soldier writes post-Franklin account

112th Reg Ill Vol Inf
Fort Negley-Nashville Tn
Dec 7 1864

My Dear Wife,

I hope you had a good time going to town on the 30th, and succeeded in purchasing all you required. I wish I had been with you. That was the day we had such a terrible fight at Franklin; where men fell by thousands, and where shot and shell and grape and canister rattled thick and fast, where the whistling of bullets, the roar of cannon and the yells of the mad soldiers were enough to confuse any man’s senses, and confound his mind. Oh! What a terrible day, an awful day, and one that no man who was there can ever forget. Nearly five thousand men killed in one day; upon one field, every one of whom left a wife, a mother, a sister, or perhaps children to mourn his death. War is terrible: this war is more terrible than any other, and the end is not yet (in sight). Hood’s army continues to encircle the city, but whether he will risk an attack or will move off towards Kentucky is not yet apparent. If he goes to Kentucky, as some think he will, we will follow him. In that case we will have a long and arduous campaign before us-in the midst of a cold, wet winter. I hope Hood will attack us here, for I believe we can annihilate his army if he does . . .

Yours truly,
Brad F Thompson


Brad Thompson was born in Osceola Illinois, enlisting as a 1st sergeant in Co B, 112th Illinois Volunteer Infantry on Aug 12, 1862. He was promoted to 2nd Lieut March 31, 1863, served as adjutant from Nov 25, 1863, and promoted to captain April 25 1865, prior to his muster out June 20th 1865.

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Sep 29, 2016
Middle Tennessee
Family there 22nd Alabama & 28th Alabama Deas brigade S.D. Lee Div. went in with torches … Haven't Been by in Years But they have reclaimed a lot!!
The Franklin Civil War Trust & the city itself have been doing a good job in the last few years of acquiring certain areas & parcels of land little by little. Every bit helps, that's for certain!

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