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Sep 17, 2011
The saddest part of if one looks into it, is these schools have real issues as they are very poor academically, so one would think the money for a namechange would be far better used to try to improve academics.

As frankly two of the lower ranked schools in the county are named after George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King which doesn't suggest a name change will address the real problem they have academically at all.


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Jul 4, 2016
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In other words, you don't wish to learn anything about this modern appropriation of the ok sign.
^ wouldn't be the first thing, that some extreme minority of people believe, that the majority of people don't believe, or subscribe to. I put it in the same category as "flat earthers", or folks that believe the moon landing was faked.

Because the ADL, or SPLC says something, doesn't make it true, or most people's reality. There's multiple groups out there, who make it their business to profit from outrage, or perceived offenses. Claims from them should be taken with a grain of salt. Unless of course one actually believes, biases, & agendas are a one way street. Some of these groups have made fortunes being offended....

While I personally use the "thumbs up" hand gesture more than the, "ok" hand gesture, I have zero problem using the "ok" hand gesture in conversation. I could be wrong but, it sure seems to me that, some people actually put effort into, looking for things to be offended by. Imagine if all that effort, emotion, & drama, was actually put into positive things, instead of focusing, & or, creating negativity. Admittedly, I'm just offering one man's opinion.