Chamberlain The Art of Little Round Top


Sergeant Major
Nov 21, 2014
I see him! Upper center left - you have to look really hard, though! :bounce: I would like to remind everybody in the "yes he did. No he didn't" stuff that war is not a sports tournament. There is no MVP and no Lombardi trophy. It is possibly the most serious of all mortal undertakings. If one man could win a battle all by himself, then the other 150,000 on the field that day might just as well have gone home, and a good number of them might have lived to a ripe old age bouncing their grandbabies on their knees. But the days of David and Goliath had been over for some time by 1863. A good number of men made asinine decisions that day, a many made good ones, and many also spent every moment praying that this wasn't their last breath on earth. There is no shower and a press conference after you've given "the last full measure of devotion." (To quote the avove-mentioned novel: "Sorry. Didn't mean to preach.")