The Alamo



Next spring is the premier of the Alamo. I have waited for a version to do it justice for years. Perhaps this one has a chance. Certainly we have the technology. I must admit Billy Bob Thornton as Crockett is an inspired choice after looking at the stills and the preview.

I tested the link, "Refresh" it when you get there if you are not able to watch the teaser and the trailer. I actually preferred the teaser best. The teaser looked pretty good.

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Feb 20, 2005
May be a bit of "revisionist" here or the take may be the Alamo from the view of the little guy. A lot of rifles, powder horns and hunting bags have been procured from the notable gun makers, horners and bag makers in the community. I know some of the guys who made them. It'll probably go over well with the flintlock crowd.

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