The Airship Could Have Saved the Confederacy... !

Sep 14, 2012
Near Manassas, VA
Has anyone read this?

'Aeronautics in the Union and Confederate Armies: With a Survey of Military Aeronautics Prior To 1861' by Frederick Stansbury Haydon

A tad pricey for the hardcover...
Yes, I have duplicates of ALL books, articles, etc relating to Civil War Aeronautics . . . . Haydon wrote the "Bible" of CW
Aeronautics: Military Ballooning During the Early Civil War. It is very detailed and technical is Volume I of what would have been a two volume set, however Haydon passed away before he completed and published Volume II. Military Historians use this work to teach "footnotes" and documenting their research as there are 183 in chapter 1 which is only 37 pages.


Other books cover include Confederate Aernoautics:

The Air Arm of The Confederacy.jpg
The Air Arm of the Confederacy by Joseph Cornish III

Lincoln's Flying Spies.jpg
Lincoln's Flying Spies by Gail Jarrow THE BEST BOOK FOR ALL AGES! it is only 107 pages long and includes lots of pictures.

War of the Aeronauts.jpg
The War of the Aeronauts by Charles Evans. Less technical and easier to read than Haydon's Military Ballooning . . .

Respectfully submitted,
TSC Lowe, Aeronaut
Civil War Balloon Corps Living History
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