The 10th President of the United States of America; John Tyler`s Role in the Confederate States of America.

Oct 15, 2018
If it had been left to the Whig`s and Republican`s in Congress along with a "President" Hannibal Hamlin who had succeeded President Lincoln after his assassination, the South would have never been able to rejoin the Union. So at the very least, for that we owe Johnson a lot of Gratitude.
There were no whigs left in Congress by 1865. By then they were all "former" whigs. To say that the South would never have been able to rejoin the the Union under a President Hamlin is pure speculation and not well-founded historically. It would be more accurate to say that
the South likely would not have been able to rejoin the Union on terms that left them in control of their former slaves.

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Bruce Vail

1st Lieutenant
Jul 8, 2015
Bruce, my father graduated from high school in 1944, aged 16. Young men in that position at that time were getting all expense-paid trips to either Germany or Japan.

My Dad joined the Navy and explained to me as a boy that that is what you did, in his neighborhood at that time. Youngsters from other neighborhoods, close by, joined the Marines or the Army.

His point was, young men did what their communities expected of them; High Politics was not part of the equation.
Quite so. Especially true in the case of WWII, I think, where there was so little opposition to the war from the general public. My own father enlisted in the Army Air Corps at age 18.

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