In the Field Test Firing The Model 1841 Field Gun


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May 7, 2016
Son and I enjoyed this, especially the misfire..”rutrow” Was perfect in that situation. I do enjoy the boom. One of these days I won’t jump half a mile...
You should see what its like when you are standing right there.


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Feb 18, 2013
Hoover, Alabama
As @redbob said all the neighbors were there plus a few folks from town. Every time I call the landowner to let me fire he makes a party out of it. Plus down here we will party to a dead cat in the road :O o:

I have NEVER been caught NEVER, close but NEVER caught.
There was that early morning at the Corinth Visitor's Center when the Park Ranger seemed to know more about my truck and what of yours was in the back than I did...I figured that we were going to visit beautiful Savannah (where the Federal Magistrate is located) and have to call my wife to bail us out and give us a ride home-well one of us anyway. That said, the Park Ranger is a first class guy who I'm sure kept a close eye on the Yahoos until we cleared the property.