Period Ten Recipes We Don't Have To Worry About Anymore

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You're not quite sure why the king is so astonished. Four and twenty blackbirds would have been a relief. We ate some weird stuff.

Yes, I understand we used every, single particle of protein available. It all began as survival. The problem is it hung around. Disclaimer here would be yes, there will be members here who say " Fried calf brain? What's not to love? " To each his own joy. I'm inching closer to vegetarian daily.

And so I present to you... Fried Calf Brain.
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Marriages have crumbled over lesser offenses.

We were very, very tough on baby cows ( no wish to be annoying, I'm not a veal eater. Baby anything at all, just no )

Calf Head With Oyster Sauce... the brain was saved for later.
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And a kind of pudding from those little feet..... it's ok with sugar, cinnamon and lemon?

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This one is fall-down funny. Made palatable. You can't, The End/

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Yes, yes I know there was a trendy kind of thing where we all ate nasturtiums. Yum? They're better pickled- you don't have to see the rest of the recipe- pickled flowers. That'd be grass and vinegar.

no worries nasturtiums.JPG

Carrots are just fine. Carrot pudding?

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We hear a lot about gruel. " Please sir, may I have some more? ". Here's why we don't hear a lot about it today. It's just thick water pretending to be good for you.

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' Trying ; meaning preparing it to kill off your family. With intestinal fat.

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Here's one that works as a diet aid. Read this when cravings hit- good for a few hours before each meal. You poured it over the same fish and voila! No one ate.

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I like celery. Once in awhile a stalk gets forgotten in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. That's when you take the whole thing outside and hose it out after applying a bottle of Lysol. Stewed? Mushy celery? No, thank you.

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There are quite a few, I'm stopping at ten. They did interesting things with eggs..... . If I get into that there's going to be nothing to eat as a vegetarian.


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Jan 23, 2010
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Well...that's all I got to say about that!


Can't criticize anybody else's vittles, though, when real Native cuisine consists of eating fast before certain things crawl off your plate!

Have to say, that creamed celery is not bad at all, and carrot pudding with a grated potato in it is quite good. Calf's brains...had a doctor prescribe that for me. I said you first and we'll see what happens to you... Mad cow disease!


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Oct 26, 2016
I am reminded of the story in Little House in the Big Woods of the kiddos playing with the hog's bladder like a balloon!

I do believe that if one is going to butcher an animal, the whole thing should be used or consumed! Nanny taught us waste it want not! Both my grandmas lived through some pretty hard times and passed some of those stories down
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I've had Italian tripe stew, and that was soooo good! They used plum tomatoes, beef broth, garbanzo beans - lots of rich flavor. The tripe was honeycomb, the only one they'd use. Think that's the first or second stomach of a cow? Beef liver with onions and bacon, done right, is a delicacy! (My dad would go out on the porch until all scent of it was completely gone - he'd hurl otherwise!) There's only one restaurant in the whole county that serves it, and they do a good job.

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May 5, 2017
My Mother in law would wax prosaic over beef tongue sandwiches..*shudder* and I am the person who eats lamb and squid and once even goat! (Too fishy flavored, thank you!)...And I like high in fat, so delish! My husband and son like liver, so I get them the calves liver and they eat it when I am not here. Lol!
Aug 2, 2019
Haggis - a Scottish dish of oatmeal, spices, sheep's lungs, kidney, liver, etc stuffed into the sheep's stomach and cooked always struck me as something I never wanted to try (there's a sport that involves tossing it as far as possible), but I tried it and it didn't taste THAT bad. (I tell my kids you can't say you don't like something until you try it, a statement which I sometimes regret making).

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Mar 13, 2014
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I remember my father saying he and the family ate brains - with eggs - regularly when he was growing up. When I first heard that I didn't believe him but they were common 'back in the day.' I suppose one will think anything is 'normal' if it's part of growing up and in the culture. Many Asians eat fried insects (e.g. scorpions and spiders) which just seems to me like something one might do if starving to death (and even then, I dunno).

Ah, and haggis. @Gary Morgan in Celtic music circles there used to be a joke about an old fiddle tune called Old Hag You've Killed Me but which would, among those in the know, be called Old Haggis You've Killed Me. I bet.

One of my fave musicians, David Lindley, has a song called Catfish Sandwiches which is about some food he was served in a green room while on tour with his daughter (who's a vegetarian) in which he notes that anatomical features could be identified. Yum.

As to goat, I've eaten that a number of times and think it quite good but it's only been ribs. I don't see why goat is fundamentally different than pigs or cows as far as ribs are concerned. It's common in Mexico and parts of this country where there are a lot of Mexican Hispanics.
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I LOVE Chittlins!!
Pork Brains scrambled with eggs are delicious!!

Like everything else, the "Old" ways are dying out.....When I was a kid, you could still order Liver and Onions at most restaurants.....Today, I am hard pressed to find it on the menu...
I think "Happy Meals" and other fast, processed foods have turned society against good food....A "Happy Meal" is less "gross"....

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