Telegrams from Vicksburg, July 1862

Mar 18, 2011
Clinton, Mississippi
As part of my work on the correspondence of Governor John J. Pettus, I have been going through the telegrams sent to the governor during the war and creating a finding aid for them. I came across the following telegrams today and thought I would share them:

The first telegram reads:

To: Gov. Pettus
Vicksburg, July 15, 1862

Arkansas under our batteries run gloriously through twelve or thirteen rams, gunboats & sloops of war, ten men killed & less wounded. Capt. Brown her commander hero, was slightly wounded in the head. Smoke stack riddled otherwise not materially damaged soon repaired and then ho for New Orleans. Two of the enemy's boats run into shore to keep from sinking struck colors. Many killed & wounded. Glorious for the navy and glorious for her heroic commander, officers & men. They deserve your thanks.

Earl Van Dorn, Maj. Genl.

The second telegram reads:

To: Jno. J. Pettus
Vicksburg, July 16, 1862

Fleet passed down after dark. Dark night cannot tell what damage we did to them, some received. None of fine residence was burnt up. Firing tremendous.

Earl Van Dorn, Maj. Genl.

Series 762, Box 948, MDAH

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