US -Sykes, Emily Virginia Macrae

Emily Virginia Macrae Sykes


Born: 1825

Birthplace: New Mexico Territory

Father: Colonel Nathaniel Champ Macrae 1805 – 1878
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Kentucky)​

Mother: Gwinthlean Clark
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Kentucky)​

Husband: Major General George Sykes 1822 – 1880
(Buried: U.S. Military Academy Post Cemetery, West Point, New York)​

Married: September 2, 1854 in New York City, New York

Anna Maude Sykes 1859 – 1932​
George Norris Sykes 1863 – 1946​
(Buried: Watonga Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Watonga, Oklahoma)​
Macrae Sykes 1865 – 1929​

Life Events before War:

1836: Birth of her sister Gwinthlean Macrae Robinson​
1854: Married her husband George Sykes in New York City, New York.​
1859: Birth of her daughter Anna Maude Sykes​

Civil War Life Events:

1862 – 1866: Her husband served as Major General in Union Army.​
1863: Birth of her son George Norris Sykes​
1863: Her husband served as the 5th​ Corps Commander at Gettysburg.​
1865: Birth of her son Macrae Sykes in Kansas.​

Life Events after War:

1863 – 1868: Wife of Lt. Colonel George Sykes 5th​ Infantry Regiment.
1868 – 1880: Wife of Colonel George Sykes 20th​ Infantry Regiment.​
1878: Death of her father Colonel Nathaniel Champ Macrae​
1880 – 1882: Widow of Colonel George Sykes.​
Died: February 1882

Place of Death: New York

Age at time of Death: 56 or 57 years old

Burial Place: Green–Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
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