Surrender of US Revenue schooners to southern states


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Oct 1, 2010
southern california
The following are handwritten notes I made about 15 years ago relating to some of the US Revenue schooners et al surrendered to Confederate states. They are abstracted from Volume VI of the Rebellion Record and the pages noted from the RR, not the news sources.
Jan 15, 1861 "The United States Coast Survey schooner 'Dana' was seized by the Florida State authorities" The World, pg 14.
Jan 29, 1861 "The United States Revenue cutter Robert McClelland, Captain Breshwood (a Virginian) was surrendered at New Orleans to the State of Lousiana" The Times, Feb 8, 1861 pg 16
Feb 2, 1861 "The United States Revenue cutter Lewis Cass, Capt. Morrison, a Georgian, was surrendered by that officer at Mobile to the state of Louisiana" NY Times, Feb 6, 1861
Feb 8, 1861 "The Little Rock Arsenal, Arkansas, with 9,000 stand of arms, 40 cannon and a large amount of ammunition, was surrendered to the State of Arkansas." NY Times, Feb 11, 1861 pg 18
Feb 21, 1861 "The Congress at Montgomery passed an act declaring the establishment of the free navigation of the Mississippi." Philadelphia Press, Dec 28, 1860. (I know the date seems wonky and don't remember why I put it down this way) pg 17
Mar 2, 1861 "The revenue cutter Dodge was seized at Galveston Bay by order of the authorities of Texas. The officer in command resigned, as Breshwood did at New Orleans, and tendered his service to the rebels." Times, March 6, 1861.
April 17, 1861 "The steamship Star of the West was taken near Indianola, Texas, by the Galveston Volunteers, without resistance. She has on board eight to nine hundred barrels of provisions." Times, April 22, 1861 (The steamship Star of the West was taken into New Orleans as a prize to the Confederate States government)
These may be of use to someone researching the early period of the naval war.