Suggestions for posting in the Civil War Traveler's Companion

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The following are acceptable post topics for this forum:

- Reviews of Civil War Battlefields, Historic Sites, and Museums.

- Reviews of Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Resturants, Gift Shops, Tourist Attractions, and other Points of Interest in or around Civil War Battlefields or Historic Sites.

- Coupons or Special Offers for the same listed above with expiration dates and the source of the offer.

Please post only Civil War related Travel information, unrelated posts will be deleted.

Please post just one review per thread, this will allow for easier flow of discussions.

Feel free to discuss each review by replying to the associated thread with your own questions, comments, and opinions.

No commercial advertising please! Classified Ads belong in the Sutlers & Soldiers Classified Ads Forum.

Thanks and enjoy!
Not open for further replies.