In the Field Stuck ramrods, a never ending battle

Trooper "D"

May 20, 2018
I wish I had a dollar for every time I saw a new recruit start doing it and I say don't do th.... and they come to me with a stuck ramrod. I made the same mistake myself many moons ago once..... only once. Consider yourself lucky. The real danger is reproduction ramrods are not one piece and I've also seen them break off trying to unstuck them. The proper attachments are cheap and easily carried in the tool pouch of your cartridge box, there's no reason not to have them. Do as you wish, just giving friendly advice from someone who has also been doing it since the 80s.
Advice taken. I started with "the sickness" in 1976. I recently got the Enfield Tool but the worm doesn't fit my ramrod threads. I've got all kinds of tools and bits. I'll have to size them with my ramrods.


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Mar 22, 2009
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I know I'm probable going to regret it but why in the H:!! are you wearing a glow stick in your hat
'Cause, I don't have a pocket nor a lanyard. And the other kids were wearing one type that wrapped around their neck.

One of the guests brought the 12-hour Glo sticks they used in the Army. My bedtime was 11:00pm but I still had to swab that .50 caliber bore with smelly Ballistol.

Hmm. Now there is a thought. Fire a Glo stick out of my gun.


May 19, 2020
Common problem then and now. They make a ramrod wrench to pull it out. Best bet is to go in until you feel it start to bind and quickly pull it back. Go back down and pull it back. Continue down cautiously until you hit bottom. Stuck ramrods are from trying to go down all the way in one push.
A stuck ramrod is like a truck stuck in the mud. You tried to go too far too fast. In both cases I swear I will never let it happen again.