John Hartwell

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Aug 27, 2011
Central Massachusetts
As a non-horsey person, I need to ask what is the nature of the “straps” referred to in this letter?

“Lt Col. Rowley, was oblivious of straps, and presented an expanse of rather ill-blacked, calfskin boot that took away from his military ensemble a good deal. When a man can ride without straps, he may do so, if he chooses; but, when he possesseth not the happy faculty of keeping down his trowsers, he should make straps a part of his religion!”
If I were to guess, they sound like some sort of "reverse garter" to keep the pants leg from riding up. But their mechanics elude me.
Mar 6, 2011
Thinking of cloth straps that go under the foot, buttoned on either (both) sides on the pant bottom. Used I believe on Union cavalry trousers. My reproduction mounted trousers had them. They worked well to keep pants from pulling out when tucked in boots, a problem when mounting frequently.
Just my thoughts, George