{⋆★⋆} LG Stewart, Alexander P.

Alexander Peter Stewart


Born: October 2, 1821

Birth Place: Rogersville, Tennessee

Father: William Alexander Stewart 1791 – 1870

Elizabeth Decherd 1796 – 1847

Wife: Harriet Byron Chase 1823 – 1898
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri)​


Robert Caruthers Stewart 1846 – 1922​
(Buried: Valhalla Cemetery, Bel – Nor, Missouri)​
Lt. Alphonso Chase Stewart 1848 – 1916​
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri)​
Dr. Alexander Peter “Alex” Stewart 1859 – 1937​
(Buried: Southern Memorial Park, Biloxi, Mississippi)​


1842: Graduated from West Point Military Academy (12th in class)​

Occupation before War:

1842 – 1845: 2nd Lt. in United States Army, 3rd Artillery​
1842 – 1843: Garrison Duty at Fort Macon, North Carolina​
1843 – 1845: Assistant Mathematics Professor at West Point​
1845: Resigned from United States Army on May 31st
1845 – 1849: Math & Philosophy Professor Cumberland University​
1849 – 1850: Math & Philosophy Professor, University of Nashville​
1850 – 1854: Math & Philosophy Professor, Cumberland University​
1854 – 1855: Math & Philosophy Professor, University of Nashville​
1855: City Surveyor for the City of Nashville, Tennessee​
1856 – 1861: Math & Philosophy Professor, Cumberland University​

Civil War Career:

1861: Major of Tennessee State Militia, Artillery​
1861: Major of Confederate States Army, Artillery
After War.jpg
1861 – 1863: Brigadier General, Confederate Army Infantry​
1863 – 1864: Major General, Confederate Army Infantry​
1863: Participated in Tullahoma Campaign​
1863: Wounded during the Battle of Chickamauga​
1864: Participated in the Atlanta Campaign​
1864 – 1865: Lt. General, Confederate Army Infantry​
1864: Wounded during the Battle of Ezra Church​
1864: Led the Third Corps during Franklin-Nashville Campaign​
1865: Participated in the Carolina's Campaign​
1865: Paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina​

Occupation after War:

1866 – 1869: Professor of Mathematics & Philosophy, Cumberland University​
1869 – 1874: Merchant in Saint Louis, Missouri​
1874 – 1886: Chancellor of University of Mississippi​
1891 – 1908: Commissioner of Chickamauga National Battlefield​

Died: August 30, 1908

Place of Death: Biloxi, Mississippi

Age at time of Death: 86 years old

Cause of Death: Organic heart failure

Burial Place: Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He was stationed at Columbus, Kentucky and witnessed the Battle of Belmont. He then led a brigade at Island #10. He suceeded command of Charles Clarks division after Clarks wounding at Shiloh. He also led a brigade at Cornith, Perryville, and Murfreesboro. Stewart led a division in the Campaign Tullahoma and at Chickamauga and Chattanooga. As Lt. General he was assigned to replace Leonidas Polk. In the final stages of the war Stewart was in charge of the infantry and artillery in the Army of Tennessee.
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
A biography that's about Stewert states that he commanded a brigade in the 1st Geographical Division Department #2. Could someone explain what a geographical division is?