Tell me more! Starr carbine


Sep 28, 2019
I just picked up this Starr and albeit i´m ontop of what needs to be done mechanically i´m at a loss on a few points.



Gun´s in alright shape so no worries there but, what are the sight settings for it? We´ve understood as much that ONE of the original boolits for it was at 440 grains, backed by just short of 65 grains of powder.
Be that as it may we CNC our own molds and as it turns out i picked the dim´s up for an original bore-rider on YT.
This nice fella had them shown in his video on his different Starr carbines.


So. Owning a heap of other paper cartridge guns if there´s one thing i´ve learned it´s that bore-rider are very rarely "wrong" as far as accuracy. Inherent or otherwise.


Rifling´s as ok as they come i guess while the actual seal and chamber of the gun is pitted for some reason?


So to improve sealing i turned a sorts of brass shim that is press fit into the "lid". Indeed, the bearing points were worn too why i opted to turn bushings and in turn a fresh axle for it. Thus the mechanics are by any measure back on track. The spring loaded lever and the two blocks part of the sealing works as intended i´d say.

Rear sight? What gives? For those of you that use your old Starr carbines, what can be said of front sight height? Have replaced a few on Smith carbines (higher ones, out of brass) but never on a Starr. Presume it needs to be a tad higher to be on paper at 50 and 100 meters? If so, how much?


That said, all there. Nothing broken. It all works, and as i closed the various tolerances up for the falling block i´d even say we´re in business. Is there anything else i should be aware of before we go out and put this thing through its paces?


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May 7, 2016
Nice Starr, I don't shoot them just collect them but lets see if we can get you an answer paging @johan_steele


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I think you’re going to have to bench experiment. I’d start with the same front sight height you’ve used prior and file down if needed.

you might also contact the NSSA and try to find some Starr shooters. But you’ve got a good start here. Given the choice I’d bench test.


Sep 28, 2019

Yup. Looks like it. Have cleaned the thing up. The falling block is about as tight as they´ll come due. Chamber cleaned up nicely too as you can see.

Know from previous experience that many, tho not all, CW carbines need their front sight set at approx 10,5mm above barrel for starters, and it´s always easier to file that down need be at the range than the opposite. :O o:

That 13,30mm dimension of that bore-rider above btw.. a hunch got me thinking and i turned a few plugs out of aluminium i shoved down the bore.
So. To make that a "modern" bore-rider the new dim is 13,75mm.

Time to rev the CNC up.


Sep 28, 2019
So guess i got to be my own teacher.
Challenge accepted.


Being no newcomer to paper cartridge guns i know all to well that the chamber seal needs all the help it can get. Especially so on a "previously owned" gun.
A brass shim was turned and set with a rather specific two component glue. Yes. Of course the residue was taken out.


Right. So we rev´d the CNC up and this was the result. As it turned out so on the money dimension wise it isn´t even funny.


Then turned two matrix´s to fab hulls. One to roll the base cylinder and then one of slightly lesser dia to install/seat a "bottom end". In that pic there there´s like just north of 100 pcs.


As things had it the boolits sure turned out on the hefty side. Be that as it may they were no matter dead on the money so..


Cartridges, due the bore-rider setup i guess, turned out to be roomy to say the least. This gentleman on YT that presented the dimensions.. Well, some careful measuring later my hulls at least turned out longer. 42mm worth to be more specific.
This made for a hull capacity of inxs of 90 grains of powder and as i saw no means for that i stayed with the stock 65 grains (well, 63 is stock) and that coupled with them 590 boolits might seem stiff..
But nah. All good.


So yeah. At the range, and a box full..



..thing ran like a locomotive. Seeing that i had been rather anal as far as cartridge length brought that misfires were nil. The bottom of the hulls came up real right vs the chamber "lid".

Fired like 80 rounds no sweat.


Uhu. This is a smaller Evil Roy. As them 590 slugs hit home.. the county knew :bounce:.
No doubt....
On them sights. At 50 meters like 5" high and at 100 meters dead on. Had to drift the front sight a little to the right though. After that tho it was "hells bells" time for real.


Yep. That seal sure did what it was intended to. Chalk white, indicating good combustion if ever. That white stuff by the barrel cone, grease.. We used ample of the stuff (grease that is) and as you can judge by the color of that lid.. it sure worked.



Uhu. The bore sure got better with use too.

Sights then. From the looks of it, 100/300/500 yds.

...n here ya go gents! :smile coffee: