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    Some receipts from this era attempted to give medicinal advice. Many dangerous, and in some cases, deadly, "cures" were given, reflecting the primitive knowledge of that time period. Don't assume everything you read here is safe to try! Recipes and Receipts posted here are for Historic Research Purposes, enjoy them, learn from them, discuss them!

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Wild Game Soup/Stew/Chowder Squirrel Soup

squirrel soup
(from Dixie Cookery; Or, How I Managed My Table for Twelve Years, Maria Massey Barringer, 1867)


2 young squirrels​
5 quarts cold water​
1/4 lb. butter​
1 pint cream​
2 egg yolks​


Cut up two young squirrels, and put them in a pot with five quarts of cold water. Season with salt and pepper. Let them boil until the meat is very well done, and remove it from the liquor, and cut it up into small pieces. Put in the soup a quarter of a pound of butter, mixed with a little flour, and a pint of cream. Throw in the cut meat, and just before you serve it, add the beaten yolks of two eggs, and a little parsley. Chicken soup is nice made in the same way, with the addition of a pint of green corn, cut from the cob, and put in when it is half done.​