"Southern Commercial Convention" -What a fraud to claim this represents the South

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Aug 30, 2011
NC Piedmont
I'll be honest, these conventions are new to me so I did a little reading on the subject and from my
understanding, when they first began in 1837 they were legitimately in trying to address some of the
issues where the Southern states were lagging behind their Northern counterparts such as industrial
production, transportation, shipping and education. At first the delegates were more representative
of the South as a whole with more moderate delegates and delegates from all of the states having
voices at these conventions. In later years, from about 1850 onwards, the fire eaters and the hard
core pro slavery faction became the dominant force at these conventions so many of the moderate
Southerners and Southerners from the upper Southern states stopped attending them and the
Southern Commerical Conventions became more political in nature and less of a sounding board
for ideas that could address some of the imbalances that existed between North and South in economic
production, education and infrastructure.

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