Sources on Semmes Brigade at Gettysburg?

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May 31, 2011
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I have heard that, due to Paul Semmes' mortal wounding at the Wheatfield, his brigade did not file official reports and that is why there is very little literature on that brigade's part in the action. As a descendant of a Semmes soldier, this particularly grieves me. I have scoured many books on Gettysburg, The Second Day attacks and the Wheatfield proper and there is very little mentioned.
Can anyone point me to any fairly meaty study of Semmes role in the battle? I know there was a Civil War Times article specifically about this brigade at Gettysburg, adapted from lectures given and there was a great battlefield walk about Semmes brigade on Youtube that has since disappeared.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Mar 15, 2013
Not a meaty study by any means, but here's a couple of accounts Ive posted in the past from Semmes' brigade at Gettysburg. I checked to see if you had clicked the "like" button and you hadn't, so I'm guessing you haven't seen them yet. If you had, you'd have liked em. :D
And this thread is full of info on Semmes' brigade. McGlashan's account starts here:

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Jan 16, 2015
I am unaware of any comprehensive study done on Semmes' brigade at Gettysburg, but the following list are more or less informative primary source accounts from brigade members pertaining to this battle that I have gathered together in the last three decades. Other bits and pieces of information can be found in many different places, for instance, in Confederate pension applications.

-9 July letter, Letters of William W. Hewell, D/10 GA (Georgia Archives; also on file at Gettysburg National Military Park - GNMP).

-Account by Stocker? or Warren?, 10 GA (Conf. Miscellany #21, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University; also on file at GNMP).

-The Tenth Georgia at Gettysburg, by L. L. Cochran, E/10 GA (Atlanta Journal, February 23, 1901; also on file at GNMP; also published in Civil War, #69, August 1998).

-Some Incidents on the March to Gettysburg, 10 GA (Atlanta Journal, August 31, 1901).

-29 June letter from unidentified soldier, 10 GA (Letters of John McIntosh Kell, Special Collections, Duke University Libraries).

-18 July letter from J.W.T., 10 GA, Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle and Sentinel.

-18 July letter from W. O. Fleming, F/50 GA (History of Decatur County, Georgia, by Frank S. Jones, 1980).

-Confederate Memoirs, Early Life and Family History, William Frederic Pendleton, 50 GA , ed. by Constance Pendleton (also on file at GNMP).

-Wounded and Captured at Gettysburg, Reminiscence by Sgt. William M. Jones, K/50 GA, Military Images, May-June 1988 (also on file at GNMP and in the War Service and Diary of Sgt. William Moore Jones, Confederate Reminiscences and Letters, 1861-1865, vol, V, Atlanta, GA: UDC, 1995).

-Letters of William Ross Stilwell, 53 GA (on file at GNMP).

-Diary of Assistant Surgeon J. B. Clifton, 53 GA (on file at GNMP; also State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC).

Below is my updated casualty list from the brigade, which reveals an extraordinarily high percentage of artillery casualties:
Cato, Nathaniel C., Pvt, I/10 GA, 2 July, Wounded (W) left thigh by minie ball or grape shot
Davis, James M., C/10 GA, 3? July, W minie ball fractured left humerus two inches below shoulder joint
Lettice, Michael, Pvt, B/10 GA, W gunshot left arm above shoulder, about 5 inches from shoulder, amputated; also gunshot right thumb, amputated
Morrow, H. A. “Gus,” E/10 GA, 2 July, Killed (K) ball passed through his body
Wilkinson, George, 10 GA, 2 July, W ball struck left knee

Albritton, J. H., A/50 GA, W lost hearing from bursting shell
Alderman, James “Jim,” K/50 GA, 2 July, K exploding shell as advance started
Bailey, Thomas R., F/50 GA, W shot two places, ball under left arm and right shoulder
Bedford, Peter B., Capt.?, B/50, 2/3/4 July, minie ball struck right ankle joint, amputated
Boyett, William T., 4Cpl, F/50 GA, 2 July, W ball right hand, amputated leaving only thumb
Centerfeit, Levi, D/50 GA, 3 July, W left arm torn off below elbow, grapeshot [canister?]
Dixon, James M. “Jim,” K/50 GA, 2 July, K exploding shell as advance started
Griffin, John J., Pvt., I/50 GA, W musket ball above left knee, lower femur shattered, leg amputated
Hall, Fleming J., G/50 GA, W hip, minie ball
Jones, William, Sgt., K/50 GA, W right ankle piece of canister shot
Kearse, Francis “Frank,” Lt.Col., 50 GA, 2 July, K grape shot during advance
Maxwell, Lt., 50 GA, W arm bruised by grapeshot
Merriman, George Henry, K/50 GA, 2/3 July, W left lung as advance started, shell fragment
Stephens, Jesse N., K/50 GA, 2 July, W above left eye by explosion of shell as advance started, bones fractured and lost sight left eye
Townsend, Lot, 1Lt, H/50 GA, 2 July, W minie ball left forearm about halfway between hand and elbow
Walker, Henry Clay, D/50, 2 July, W bone shattered and veins severed right foot, shell piece

Adams, James W., B/51 GA, 2 July, W left shoulder broken, shell piece
Armstrong, R. S., I/51 GA, 2 July, W neck and right arm paralyzed, gunshot
Josey, Charles W., K/51 GA, 2 July, W two inches above right knee by grape shot
Sauls, Richard R., Pvt, E/51 GA, 3 (2?) July, W minie ball in abdomen, died 27 Aug
Sellers, David Lott, G/51 GA, W shoulder, shell

Andrews, Thomas C., 1Sgt, A/53 GA, W right elbow by gunshot
Futral, William J., A/53 GA, W right foot by shell fragment
Goins, Thomas J., Pvt, K/53 GA, 2 July, W part of shell struck left hip, tore off considerable flesh and injured spine
Heard, Grant D., Capt., E/53 GA, 2 July, W ball never extracted