CS Con -Smith, William Ephraim - C.S. Congressman, GA

William Ephraim “’Tete” Smith:
Born: March 14, 1829

Birthplace: Augusta Georgia
Samuel Smith 1805 – 1869
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
Susan S. – 1874
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
1st Wife: Caroline Williams Unknown – 1876
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
Married: 1860 in Albany Georgia
2nd Wife:
Mary “Mollie” Williams 1847 – 1928
Married: 1878 in Baker County Georgia

Samuel Williams Smith 1861 – 1915
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
Annie Williams Smith Davis 1869 – 1954
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
Caroline Smith Ticknor 1869 – 1959
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)
G. Augusta Smith 1882 – 1963
(Buried: Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia)

Political Party: Democratic Political Party

Occupation before War:

Received his nickname from a Frenchman addressing him as “mon petit” he was nicknamed “Tete” for life.

1846: Admitted to the Bar by special act of Georgia State legislature.
Attorney and Small Plantation Owner in Albany Georgia
1854 – 1858: Daugherty County Ordinary of the Court
1858 – 1861: Solicitor of West Circuit of Georgia

Civil War Career:
1861: Opposed Secession at the Start of the War
1861 – 1862: 1st​ Lt. Company E 4th​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1862: Captain of Company E 4th​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1862: Wounded and right leg amputated Battle of Oak Grove
1864 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from Georgia
1864 – 1865: Member of House Ordnance & Ordnance Stores Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Territories & Public Land Committee
1864: Instructed House Military Affairs Committee placing all able – bodies men in the army and detailing others to civilian duties.
Proposed to reassign men in depleted regiments.
Supporter of improving use of the thinning ranks.
Critical of Economic Programs
Supporter of abolishing discrimination in the tax and impressment.
1865: Agreed to arm Slaves in the Confederate Army.

Occupation after War:
Known as an Attorney for Confederate Widows and Orphans during Reconstruction
1874: Declined appointment as Georgia State Circuit Court Judge.
1875 – 1881: United States Congressman from Georgia
1875 – 1881: Member of House Patents Committee
1877 – 1879: Member of House Census Committee
1877 – 1879: Member of House Public Lands Committee
1879 – 1881: Member of House Military Affairs Committee
1880: Choose not to be a candidate for reelection to U.S. Congress.
1881 – 1890: Attorney in Albany Georgia
1886: President of Georgia State Democratic Party Convention
1886 – 1888: Georgia State Senator

March 11, 1890
Place of Death: Albany Georgia
Age at time of Death: 60 years old
Burial Place:
Oakview Cemetery Albany Georgia