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Preston Smith

Brig. General Preston Smith.jpg
December 25, 1823

Birthplace: Giles County, Tennessee

Father: Durie Smith 1779 – 1831

Mother: Lucinda Morton 1792 – 1870

Wife: Mary Amanda Crawford 1826 –


Louisa Smith​


Attended Jackson College in Columbia, Tennessee​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Memphis & Waynesboro, Tennessee​

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 154th Tennessee Infantry Regiment​
1862: Wounded in the right shoulder disabling arm Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee
1862 – 1863: Brigadier General in the Confederate Army Infantry​
1863: Rode into a federal Brigade Mortal Wound, Battle of Chickamauga​

September 19, 1863

Place of Death: Battle of Chickamauga, Catoosa County, Georgia

Age at time of Death: 40 years old

Cause of Death: Gun Shot Wounds to the chest and heart

Original Burial Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee (May 2, 1868)
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Bump for Chickamauga.
Preston Smith was involved in Cleburne's night attack, trying to reconnoiter his front in preparation for an assualt, when he ran into a federal brigade. He mistook the 77th Pennsylvania as one of his units, and chastised an NCO for not getting his unit ready for the assault. The NCO soon realized Smith was an enemy, and fired a shot at his chest. Luckily, Smith's golden watch deflected the bullet from striking his heart, but his wound was mortal. He was brought to the rear, dying just an hour later.
General Cheatham lamented his death, saying: "It was in this night attack that Brig.-Gen. Preston Smith of Tennessee received his mortal wound, from which he died in 50 minutes. At the head of his noble brigade, of which he had been the commander as colonel and brigadier-general for two years and a half, he fell in the performance of what he himself, with his expiring breath, simply said was his duty. Active, energetic and brave, with a rare fitness to command, full of honorable ambition in perfect harmony with the most elevated patriotism, the whole country will mourn his fall and do honor to his memory".