... "skirmishing" with 12-pounder Napoleons.


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Buck Miller​

The General then went on to say that last evening, a little after dark, he rode along our skirmish line near the peach-orchard, where he came across a battery of artillery. He was surprised to find it so far in advance of our line of infantry, and inquired whose it was.

A tall officer, quietly smoking a pipe, approached, and said, "I am the captain." It was "Buck" Miller, of the Third Company of Washington Artillery.

When he recognized the General he informed him he "was out there to have a little skirmishing on his own account, if the Yanks came out of their holes."

The General laughed at the captain's idea of "skirmishing" with 12-pounder Napoleons. Ever since the battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam), when the Third Company held the centre of our line, and Longstreet and staff worked with the guns, Miller has been a great favorite at head-quarters.'

In Camp and Battle With The Washington Artillery

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