{⋆★⋆} BG Shoup, Francis A.

Francis Asbury Shoup

Born: March 22, 1834
General Shoup.jpg

Birth Place: Laurel, Indiana

Father: George Grove Shoup 1810 – 1853

Mother: Joan Shoup 1814 – 1860

Wife: Esther Shoup 1846 – 1918
(Buried: University of South Sewanee, Tennessee)​


Francis Elliott Shoup 1872 – 1936​
(Buried: Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas)​
Charlotte Barnell Shoup Nichol 1874 – 1901​
Mary Conwell Shoup 1878 – 1878​
Stephen Elliott Shoup 1885 – 1952​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri)​


1855: Graduated from West Point Military Academy (15th in class)​

Career before War:

1855: Brevet 2nd Lt. United States, Army Artillery​
1855 – 1860: 2nd Lt. United States, Army 1st Artillery​
1860: Resigned from United States Army on January 10th
1860 – 1861: Attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana​
Leader of Indianapolis Zouave Militia​

Civil War Career:
General Shoup after war.jpg

1862: Chief of Artillery for Major General William J. Hardee at Shiloh​
1862: Inspector General for Major General Thomas C. Hindman in Arkansas​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General in the Confederate Army​
1863: Captured during the Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi​
1864: Participated in the Battle of Atlanta, Designer of Shoupade​
1864 – 1865: Advocate for Letting Blacks Join Confederate Army​

Occupation after War:

1866 – 1868: Mathematics & Engineering Professor University of Mississippi​
1868 – 1870: Logic & Metaphysics Professor University of Mississippi​
1870 – 1875: Mathematics Professor, University of Mississippi
General Shoup after war 1.jpg
Minister in the Episcopal Church Religion​
Metaphysics Professor at University of the South​
1880: Delegate to Episcopal Convention​

Died: September 4, 1896

Place of Death: Columbia, Tennessee

Cause of Death: Heart Failure

Age at time of Death: 62 years old

Burial Place: University of South Sewanee, Tennessee

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Luke Freet

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Nov 8, 2018
Shoup is one of the more bizarre Confederate Generals. While several confederate generals were born in the northern states, most of them had moved to or had familial ties in the South. Shoup had lived most of his life in Indiana. He joined the CSA out of a sense of romanticism, apparently.
As Polloco noted, Shoup was cheif of artillery of the AoT under Joe Johnston during the first half of the North Georgia Campaign. He was also by technicality cheif engineer, and thus was responsible for designing the defense line along the Chattahoochee, designing his signature Shoupades. Sadly, Sherman flanked again and Johnston again retreated. This resulted in Johnston getting the sack. His cheif of staff, William Mackall, was furious and left with Johnston. Thus Shoup was elevated to Chief of Staff.

Luke Freet

First Sergeant
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Nov 8, 2018
While many Confederate generals were northern born like Daniel Ruggles and Bushrod Johnson, Shoup was one of the few who remained a northerner until the war began, when he decided to join the Confederate cause.