CS -Shorter, John Gill - Governor, AL

John Gill Shorter:
Born: April 23, 1818
Governor Shorter.jpg

Birthplace: Monticello Jasper County Georgia
Father: Reuben Clark Shorter 1787 – 1853
(Buried: Shorter Cemetery Eufaula Alabama)
Mother: Mary Butler Gill 1797 – 1868
(Buried: Shorter Cemetery Eufaula Alabama)
Wife: Mary Jane Battle 1825 – 1879
(Buried: Shorter Cemetery Eufaula Alabama)
Married: January 12, 1843 in Eufaula Alabama
Children: None

Political Party: Democratic Party


1837: Graduated from Franklin College

Occupation before War:
1838 – 1842: Attorney in Eufaula Alabama
1842 – 1845: Solicitor for the District of Eufaula Alabama
Governor Shorter Funeral.jpg

1845: Alabama State Senator
1845 – 1861: Attorney in Eufaula Alabama
1851: Alabama State Representative
1852 – 1861: Judge of Circuit Court in Alabama

Civil War Career:
1861: Alabama Commissioner to Georgia Secession Convention
1861: Delegate to Alabama State Secession Convention
1861: Alabama Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress.
1861: Chairman of House Engrossment Committee
1861: Supporter of President Jefferson Davis while in Congress.
1861: Resigned from Provisional Congress in August.
1861: Defeated Thomas Hill Watts for Governor of Alabama.
1861 – 1863: Governor of Alabama
Opposed legislation to expand state aid program.
1861: Sworn on December 2nd​ as Alabama’s 17th​ Governor of the state
1861 – 1863: Helped raise arms and troops for the home front.
As Governor he strove to bolster the defenses of Mobile Alabama.
1861 – 1863: Supporter of the Davis Administration while Governor.
1861 – 1863: Supporter of Conscription as Governor of Alabama.
1861 – 1863: Supporter of the Collection of Taxes.
1863: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Alabama his opponent in the race was Thomas Hill Watts.
1863 – 1865: Assisted Governor Watts when he was asked to.
1863 – 1872: Attorney in Eufaula Alabama

Occupation after War:
1863 – 1872: Attorney in Eufaula Alabama

May 29, 1872
Place of Death: Eufaula Alabama
Age at time of Death: 54 years old
Burial Place: Shorter Cemetery Eufaula Alabama


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
The time he beat Watts in 1861 it was because he was fairly popular, but his pro-Davis stance made his popularity plummet and he was then handily beaten by Watts in 1863.