Sherman shipwrecked TWICE in one day!


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An article adapted from Sherman's Memoirs by C. Keith Hansley


In early 1853, William Tecumseh Sherman was a captain of the United States Commissary Department, but he was looking for a change in profession. Around this time, some buddies sent Sherman an invitation to join a banking venture named Lucas, Turner & Co. Sherman enjoyed, and was comfortable in, his military life, but admitted that he would not mind a higher wage. Therefore, he petitioned his superiors for leave to journey to California to meet with his potential business partners and assess their banking operation.

From his location in New Orleans, Sherman boarded a steamship heading toward Nicaragua. Once he had arrived there, the passengers took smaller boats across the Nicaragua River and Lake, and made the rest of the voyage to San Juan del Sur by mule.

Now the passengers were ready to depart Nicaragua for California. Sherman boarded the propeller ship, S. S. Lewis, which Sherman later remembered was commanded by Captain Partridge. For the voyage, Sherman was given his own stateroom with three berths located on the deck of the ship. Little did Sherman know, however, just how dramatic his sea voyage upon the S. S. Lewis would turn out to be.

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Gotta love Sherman! Snacking on crackers and sardines while the ship is sinking... So much in his life parallels Forrest, which is why I usually put them together. Forrest was on board a steamboat when it blew up - hard to say which is more dramatic, fire and flames or smashing into rocks! But he didn't do it twice... :x3: Sherman was definitely a special person - if you were a weird thing, you went and happened to him.

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