Sherman Sherman and the Grand Review - May 24, 1865


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Oct 10, 2012
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The Grand Review of the Armies was a celebration and parade held in Washington D.C after the end of hostilities. President Johnson had hoped to raise the morale of the North in the wake of the Lincoln assassination and pay homage to the men directly responsible for the Northern victory. Gen. Meade and the AOP proceeded first on May 23, 1865. The following day, May 24, it was Sherman's turn along with his Army of Georgia and the Army of the Tennessee who had just arrived by the railroad. At 10:00 am Sherman led his 65,000 men with an uncharacteristic manner of military precision. Though tattered and worn, Sherman's troops were met with excitement and interest. This was the first time that the eastern populace had a chance to see Sherman's legendary Western Federals. They marched for six hours in the hot sunshine. Besides the soldiers, they were accompanied by freed blacks, laborers, adventurers, scavengers, and the infamous " bummers." Not to mention a large herd of cattle and other livestock taken from Georgia and Carolina farms.

Sep 15, 2018
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I hope that herd of cattle and other livestock followed behind the infantry. It's bad enough marching soldiers had to follow the horses (cavalry) and "watch their step".
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