Sheridan's Staff - June 1864

Feb 19, 2011
Just for the records:

Back row:
Cpt. Joseph O’Keeffe (ADC)
Cpt. Michael V. Sheridan (ADC)
Lt. Col. Frederick Newhall (ADC)
Cpt. Archer N. Martin (16th PA)
Unknown (standing on steps)
Maj. George A. Forsyth (8th IL)
Cpt. Louis H. Carpenter (6th US)
Lt. Col. James F. Wade (6th US [Colored])

Front row:
Cpt John L. Brigham (ACS)
Lt. Col. W.C. Wood (alternative: Cpt. Thomas W.C. Moore)
Col. James W. Forsyth (AIG)
Lt. Col. Charles Kingsbury (AAG)
Maj. Gen. Phil Sheridan
Col. C. Ross Smith (standing behind Sheridan, 6th PA)
Cpt. Paul L. Goddard (8th PA)
Cpt. James Hosoner (AQM)

Carpenter priorly had been itendified as Emlen N. Carpenter of the 6th PA; however this is not possible as he was in Libby Prison at that time. Other Carpenter, other 6th.

Sources are the two aforementioned ones, the as always amazing MOLLUS identification and a little cross-searching for the details.